I found a brand new game designing program, it designs flash games not .exe

I'm excited to get some fun games on this website.
If you having trouble with the games, you can scroll down for the controls below the game. Below the controls there is a link called "errors?" that you would click if the game isn't running.
Hey guys, I finally got the new games working. Check out the Club penguin decorating game I put online.:D ← and the emotions
Hey Guys check our the new pc4 construction worker. He will he testing a lot of 3d features and help bring new ideas to life.
I registered for xat a few months ago, now it is broken.
I reset my account  and now I got an account and its working.
My username is...
but since I reset my account, if you were my friend before you will have to add me again
Hey viewers I know I haven't posted in a while, but I just got a lot of stuff for this website.

I downloaded that program I told you I would download for the games.

Also I got a new program (which was one I needed) that will make creating animations super easy.

I've tried the program already and there's been only one error so far. I will try my best to find out what's wrong with it and get it fixxed. One last thing, you see the club penguin emotions I'm using in this post, well their not that great. I'm going to make then look better, but I thought since this is penguinchat4 that I would try to get the emotions from the old penguin chat and use those instead. That's all for now.


Hey everyone, the penguin chat 4 video game is taking a while, but there is great news. I have found a program that will allow me to put every game I made on the website, instead of having you download them. Not only is it a program that will allow me to do that, but it's an improvement from the old program I used. which means I already know how to use it. I will keep working my hardest to get all the games done. later viewers.
Hey guys Wii dude 89 has his first official website. His website is all about music. (which you can go to by clicking the page that says music) He will be collecting tons of music. if you have any ideas for music you think he should add go to the page that says "new bands/singers" on his website.
You guys may have played some of the games on the website before, and you guys know that the games are all programs. Well that is going to change.

you may be asking yourself "if they aren't going to be programs what will they be?"

great question. the games will be swfs. There is just one problem, I have to have a professional website to upload swfs. So I have to upgrade the website first. I will keep you updated on if the website gets updated or not and more.

Hey Guys, I'm not so sure if the games are going to be swfs. I can't promise you that the games will be swfs (no matter how bad I want them to be swfs). I will keep looking at what I can do about this. until then give me your suggustions for any great ideas you have.
Hey guys I've been working on some games. I already told you about club penguin decorating which you can play version 1 here. Also I told you about what is going to be the most important game of this website, which is Penguin chat 4. That game is actually coming together pretty well. I told you about those games, but I haven't told you about the other game I'm working on called Cp black rain. I know this game will be online before Pc4 because again Penguin chat 4 is going to be a BIG deal, so it's going to take at least a few months to get the beta version online. About how I make my videos, I know i made like one or two live videos, but I'm not going to do that anymore, but maybe once in a while. I was going to save my live videos for my new channel (which hasn't been created yet).

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